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Planning financially for your new arrival

Futures & Finances

Welcoming a new family member is one of the biggest life changes you will experience and it certainly adds new dynamics to your household expenses ? even before your child arrives!

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Join: Please note that prior to the start of this registered program, you will be sent an email with the Zoom link. We ask that all participants conduct themselves respectfully as they would in-person.

Get Informed: Credit Counselling Society

Learn About: Whether you're adopting or giving birth, there are going to be financial considerations you need to start thinking about to prepare for your child. Planning for a new child requires changes to your budget and it's never too late to start. In the planning for your New Arrival workshop, you will learn:

  • The basics of the Canadian maternity and parental benefit system
  • How to budget for each stage of your leave period: before, during and after
  • Things you will need to invest in prior to your child's arrival
  • Strategies to save for your big ticket items
  • Where to find resources and savings

All participants will walk away from the workshop with a better understanding of the financial changes that will occur with a new addition to the family as well as tips and tricks to navigate this new stage of life.

The Credit Counselling Society is committed to teaching Canadians the basics about money management in a fun, engaging, non-judgmental way. The Credit Counselling Society is an accredited non-profit charity that helps Canadians solve their money problems. They do this by providing free credit counselling, low-cost debt solutions, and education to help you manage your money better. Their goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools for building the financial success that everyone deserves. They’re here to help you through your difficult times and towards a better future.

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